Well this was our first race not in a UTV and our first race in our Brenthel built Spec TT. Due to work this past year our testing has been limited so we decided to use this race not only for seat time but to try to get our first Mint 400 finishing pin in 4 trys.

We decided to team up with the Brenthel crew to manage the pits and there would be 5 trucks pitting together in the main pits with Team Jean manning Pit A and supporting in the main pit while Brenthel would be the in the main pit and manning Pit B.

Friday tech was crazy as usual at the Mint. But we got through and back on the truck by 2pm. We then had some pit practice at the Brenthel hotel and then back to Buffalo Bill's for some rest for race day.

Race day was a change as we we used to getting up at 3 am to stage for UTV'S but this time we got to sleep in a little and get some breakfast and then off to the main pit.

Lap 1 - my co-driver, Douglas Gonzales, and I decided that at the start we we just drop in behind the truck next to and try to hang with tgem the best we could. Green light and we are off. We drop in line and are hanging in pretty good for first timers, not over driving just driving comfortable and we are not only hanging we are catching other trucks! Before long we have passed 4 trucks, but then BANG...we lose power and have to pull off. The motor is stumbling but then just as quick it starts running smooth again so we are off again chasing the trucks that had just passed us. We pass a couple trucks back and then BANG....it happens again. It happens a couple more times and we are scanning gauges trying to figure out what is going on. We make it to Pit A and our crew gives the truck a solid look and everything looks fine, so we keep going thinking let's get to Pit B as see how it goes. We continue to have the issue all the way to B, in the meantime they are communicating with the main pit and it is decided to bump the fuel pressure when we get to B. We pull into the pit, the cowl comes off, pressure is boosted and we ate back going. Truck seems to be running great, we haul ass down through the woops at the spectator area and we are feeling that we are good to go. But nope out on the lake bed it happens again and then ahain, so now it is just make it to the main pit and see if we can get her fixed. We pull into the main and the Brenthel crews tears into the truck, we try some things but cannot pin point anything. By this time the unlimited trucks are passing through the pits. I make the tough decision to call the race as we just don't want to risk the truck or getting stuck and causing g a problem for someone chasing points.

All in all in was a great learning experience, while running we learned alot about the truck and our capabilities.

Now it is time for some dyno time, fix the truck and get ready for the next race.

We would like to thank our pit as well as the Brenthel crew and the other trucks that we were with us.